We Are Not The Bad We Buy Houses People

Mastiff Home Buyers is Better Business Bureau accredited and we care about people and the local community. Our purpose is to provide home buyers and sellers with options to solve their real estate difficulties You may have heard in the news about a local Kansas City companies, who have been accused of taking advantage of … Continued

Should You Trust Zillow To Determine Your House Value

It makes sense that if you know what your home is worth, you will have much better negotiating power when it comes to selling your home. There are many tools out there to help home owners find their home’s value and the most popular one is Zillow. There are few people today who have not … Continued

What Type of Homeowners Insurance Policy Do You Need?

Insurance Lingo Adjusted Basis Actual Cash Value Deductible Depreciation Limit of Liability Loss of Use Net Cash Value Personal Liability If you’re a homeowner, do you have the right type of insurance to insure your asset? We really never know. What type of homeowners insurance policy do you need? Most of us don’t know much … Continued

How to Know if You Should Sell Your Rental in Kansas City

If you are a long term landlord, you have weathered all the peaks and valleys of the real estate market. You begin to watch the housing market fluctuate and consider whether you should sell your rental in Kansas City . We will explore how to know if you should sell your rental property in Kansas … Continued

Can I Sell My House in Foreclosure in Kansas City ?

Throughout the year of 2020 and even into 2021, Foreclosures were halted due to COVID. Many people were struggling financially and couldn’t keep up with payments. However, banks did offer programs to help homeowners keep their homes. For some, payments were deferred until a later time, and that later time is coming up. We hope … Continued

Pack Up and Move as Quickly as Possible in Kansas City

So it’s finally moving day! If those words fill you with dread and the days are racing by before your move, it’s time to stop and take a deep breath. While the final destination may hold great excitement, emotions can be running high; saying goodbye to a home you once knew isn’t always easy. The … Continued

Scams Kansas City Home Sellers Should Be Aware Of

Regrettably, the world is full of people who spend their time looking for any opportunity to make a quick buck at the expense of vulnerable consumers. The real estate industry is no different. However, the loss that the victims may incur, considering the substantial size of a real estate transaction, may be significant.  Information about … Continued

Benefits Of Selling Your House To Mastiff Home Buyers

Have you ever wondered what the benefits to you as a home seller are when you choose to work with a local Kansas City home buyer like Mastiff Home Buyers ? This article and video describe a few of the benefits of selling your house to Mastiff Home Buyers . We are home buyers so … Continued

Sell Your Home During a Divorce in Kansas City

If you’re wondering how to sell your home during a divorce in Kansas City , we would like to offer you some information to assist you. With over 50% of American marriages ending in divorce, many Kansas City residents are looking or advice for selling a home during a divorce. A home is one of the … Continued

The Risk of Foreclosure In Kansas City For House Sellers

If you are at risk of foreclosure in Kansas City , you shouldn’t have a difficult time selling your home. The hard part may be finding another house to live in. The market is hot right now, so you may get lucky and even find an owner occupant buyer who is willing to make repairs … Continued

Why you need an inspection when buying a house in Kansas City

We buy houses as-is and without an inspection regularly, but we encourage all regular home buyers to complete an inspection on any home you are considering to purchase. We are sharing our thoughts on why you need an inspection when buying a house in Kansas City . Usually an inspection is something that you have … Continued