Consider Selling Your Kansas City House Via a Rent to Own Agreement

Consider Selling With A Rent To Own

If you want to sell quickly and want your price without the hassle of negotiating with buyers, you may want to consider selling your Kansas City house via a rent to own agreement. For those positioned to hold the property for an extended time, a rent-to-own agreement can be a profitable way to sell, with buyers willing to pay a higher price. A rent-to-own sale earns more because you offer the buyers an opportunity to experience all of the perks of homeownership while repairing any credit issues or saving for a downpayment. 

The term can be anywhere from 6 months to 30 years or more. At the term of the agreement, you have options to consider. At the end of the agreement, they buyer will either secure their own mortgage to buy, request to extend the lease, or provide notice that they will be moving out. If they. move out, you can find a new rent to own tenant or move forward with selling directly.

Why would you consider selling your Kansas City house via rent to own agreement? Here are the reasons why we like to sell with rent to own.

Set Price

One reason to consider selling your Kansas City house via a rent-to-own agreement is the ability to set your sales price at a higher value than the current market. This also takes away all the guessing about what your final payout will be.

Listing Costs

Saving the costs of a listing is another reason to consider selling your Kansas City house via a rent-to-own agreement. You won’t be paying commissions or other fees associated with listing on the MLS, including marketing. There will not be any need for professional high-quality digital photography and drone videos, prepping the property for buyers, and even paying a professional stager to realize the best possible sales price on the market. 

Buying Pool

You increase your buyer pool beyond the typical buyer on the MLS to include those in the early stages of preparing their credit and increasing their savings towards their goal of owning their own home. Additionally, as societal norms have evolved over the past few years, more and more would-be renters are opting to move towards homeownership; rent-to-own agreements open the door to this untapped potential buyer pool.

Generate Cash Flow

Along with an option fee that buyers pay to secure the sole right to buy the property, you’ll be earning a higher than average monthly rent. While you may still have some costs associated with repairs, you won’t be paying the expenses for regular maintenance because the buyers assume most of this responsibility.

Faster Sale

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The speed at which you can enter into the agreement and start earning cash flow is a great reason to consider selling your Kansas City house via a rent-to-own agreement.

Let Mastiff Home Buyers help you learn about selling your Kansas City house via a rent-to-own agreement. Angel will help you understand what you could earn by selling rent-to-own. Let Mastiff Home Buyers make it easy and let us be your rent to own tenants! When you work with Mastiff Home Buyers , we never charge you fees or commissions. Why not find out what is in your best interest with absolutely no obligation? Contact Mastiff Home Buyers at 816-535-0076.