Why you need an inspection when buying a house in Kansas City

We buy houses as-is and without an inspection regularly, but we encourage all regular home buyers to complete an inspection on any home you are considering to purchase.

We are sharing our thoughts on why you need an inspection when buying a house in Kansas City . Usually an inspection is something that you have to get and you have to pay up front for after you’ve made an offer on a house. Once your offer has been accepted by the seller, you have a 10 day inspection period by which you can hire a professional to check every system, appliance, door, window, etc to prove that it is fully functional.

Your professional inspector will provide you with a full report of the property and you will have an opportunity to negotiate fixes with the seller or can even back out of the contract. No matter how badly you want the property or how much you trust the sellers, don’t succumb to your urge to forego that inspection. It is very important. We recommend that you even complete an inspection on new construction, because things can be missed on new construction, so you want that neutral eye to take a look at the house for you and make sure that everything is built the way it is supposed to be.

Why you need an inspection when buying a house
No matter how much you love the house, GET an Inspection.

Have you ever considered buying a house that has been newly rehabbed and the seller is a business claiming that the house is “all new”? In these cases, there are so many reasons why you need an inspection when buying a house in Kansas City . Not only is the inspection important, but you must ask about the work completed during the rehab. Unfortunately there are a lot of rehabbers who are more concerned with their bottom dollar than providing you with well-built home. Beware of “putting lipstick on a pig” which means that a lot of cosmetic rehab may have been completed to hide the structural or mechanical defects.

If you are considering an older home, it may be obvious why you need an inspection when buying a house in Kansas City. Houses built in the 90s could be over 20 years old and even though it doesn’t seem like that long ago, these homes should be considered older. Make sure that your inspector is going to cover both what can be seen and what can not be seen. When we purchased our own home, we didn’t consider what was behind the walls and we found out well after the purchase just how much of our home the carpenter ants had destroyed. This created a lot of repairs that we had not expected.

Your inspector may recommend special or additional inspections to look at things like the roof, the plumbing, the foundation, or the electrical systems. So if any specialized inspections are noted in your report, I would highly recommend that you follow those recommendations and you get that additional inspection.

Angel and Baxter

We recently bought a house as an investment and after closing, found that the old galvanized plumbing had to all be replaced, plus we had to install a main water line from the main to the house. Those additional repairs cost us about $5,200, so don’t let yourself get stuck with that kind of bill. If you find galvanized pipe in an inspection, you should ask the seller to replace it or ask for a discounted price because somewhere along the line, you’re going to have to replace that plumbing.

We want to offer you the best experience if you purchase a home from us, so we will always encourage you to get a full inspection and will work with you to correct any issues. Curious about our rent to own program, reach out to Mastiff Home Buyers to learn more. Send us a message or call Angel at (816) 535-0076 .

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