We Are Not The Bad Ones Buying Houses

Mastiff Home Buyers is Better Business Bureau accredited and we care about people and the local community.

Our purpose is to provide home buyers and sellers with options to solve their real estate difficulties

We Are Not The Bad We Buy Houses People

In recent Kansas City news, there have been reports about certain local companies in Kansas City that have been accused of taking advantage of individuals aspiring to own a home. These unscrupulous practices not only tarnish our industry’s reputation but also breed mistrust towards companies like ours. However, I want to assure you that Mastiff Home Buyers , led by me, Angel, as the CEO, operates with utmost integrity and differs from those entities. We are not the bad ones buying houses.

At Mastiff Home Buyers , our primary objective is to provide assistance, not exploitation. We exist to serve you, and your satisfaction is paramount to us. While we are a business and aim to generate profits, we firmly believe that financial success should never be achieved at the expense of others. We prioritize transparency, ensuring that each person comprehends our offers, the associated paperwork, and the terms they are agreeing to.

Our approach involves empathizing with your circumstances and understanding the root causes of your distress. Based on this understanding, we strive to offer the most suitable solution tailored to your specific needs. It’s important to note that selling your property to us may not always be the ideal option, and we will be honest about that. We value openness and integrity, providing you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision about collaborating with us. In some cases, we employ innovative real estate tools like contracts for deed or lease-to-own arrangements to facilitate fair deals that meet your price expectations. Throughout any transaction, we ensure payments are handled through a neutral third-party company, eliminating any risk of financial loss.

If you find yourself uncertain, we encourage you to give us an opportunity to earn your trust. Feel free to bring along your attorney or any trusted advisor to assist you in making an informed decision. I am more than willing to meet with you personally, either at a location of your choice or through a video call, so you can familiarize yourself with who we are and how we operate. You can also check out our reviews on Google or visit our Company Page to learn more about us. I am always available to schedule a meeting at your convenience. Please contact me, Angel, at 816-535-0076, and let’s arrange a time to connect.

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