Should You Trust Zillow To Determine Your House Value

It makes sense that if you know what your home is worth, you will have much better negotiating power when it comes to selling your home. There are many tools out there to help home owners find their home’s value and the most popular one is Zillow. There are few people today who have not heard of a “zestimate”, however, should you trust Zillow to determine your house value?

Zillow is the most popular app for home shoppers. People spend a lot of time using Zillow to look for a house. I spent many hours on this app when I was searching for my own perfect home. Zillow accesses public and MLS data sets and through an algorithm, creates what they call the Zestimate that gives you an estimated value or range of value for your house. While it provides some guideposts, the Zestimate is not usually a very accurate assessment of true value.

Should I Trust Zillow To Determine My House Value

The best way to get a true value on your house is to have a real estate agent run a market analysis on your home. It is very easy to do, pretty simple. They’re going to compare the homes that have sold in the area one square mile around where your house is in the last six months.

Properties comparable in size and style also need to be used, so if you have a 3 bedroom ranch style home, you should not try to compare it exactly to a 4 bedroom split-level with a walk out basement.

You should also stick to comparing only houses in your neighborhood if possible. Anytime you are looking across a busy street, you are crossing outside the neighborhood and should proceed with caution.

If you’re looking at selling your house and you don’t want to use an agent, give us a call here at Mastiff Home Buyers. I am happy to help you do an analysis of your home, and provide you with an analysis of what your house is worth. I will also make you an offer on your house. You can’t get that from a real estate agent!!

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