3 Unique Ways to Sell a House in Kansas City

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Many unique sales methods can significantly increase your odds when you want to sell a house if you are concerned about attracting the right buyer to your door. Maybe you’ve been trying to sell a house and haven’t gotten any good offers. It can be stressful for your home to sit on the market as the bills continue to add up. If your home is older, it may require a number of repairs. Most home buyers want to enter a home and start their new life without having to worry about repairs, so you will lose a large pool of buyers by leaving the house in an as-is condition. Listing the house on the MLS is not something that everyone wants to go through. So read on as we explore three unique ways to sell a house in Kansas City . 

List Below Market

One unique way to sell a house in Kansas City quickly is to list it below market. If you are concerned that you might have trouble finding buyers, you will attract some just because everyone loves to get a good deal. Others may be interested if your house is in a prime location because they may not be able to qualify to buy at full price. They may not pass just because of the condition of your house. Professional buyers like Angel and Jeramie at Mastiff Home Buyers can assess your property and provide you with a comparison of listing vs. selling directly if that would be helpful to you. They want you to make an informed decision about the best sales method for your situation, so they are happy to put together some information for you. We do this at Mastiff Home Buyers because we operate through core values, one of which, is integrity, so they make you an offer that they can explain.

Owner Financing

Another unique way to sell a house in Kansas City is to offer owner financing, which opens your listing to a different buyer pool, those who don’t quite have their financial ducks in a row to qualify for a conventional loan. This can be those who are self-employed and run a successful business or someone with a good salary, who just hasn’t used credit to build up their score. Regardless of how you set up owner financing, the buyers are responsible for the property as if it were their own. You may set up an agreement where you hold onto the deed or where it transfers to the new buyer right away similar to when you bought the property and made a promise to pay through a mortgage or deed of trust. Should your buyers fail to follow through on the contract, you can take action to cure their failure.

Professional home buyers like Angel and Jeramie at Mastiff Home Buyers also purchase homes using owner or seller financing and you can not only use the legal means of the contract to ensure you get paid, but you can also be assured that Mastiff Home Buyers integrity stands behind its agreements. At Mastiff Home Buyers , we also offer you the convenience of selecting the day you close, so you only have to plan one move.

Mastiff Home Buyers

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Among the alternative ways to sell a house in Kansas City , Mastiff Home Buyers can also buy your house directly for cash. We like to work with owner financing because we can often pay a higher price for the house than we can pay in cash. However, if that doesn’t work for you, we will make you a cash offer and if you accept, we handle all the complicated paperwork. At Mastiff Home Buyers , we buy homes directly for cash in as-is condition so you can forget all your worries about making repairs or prepping for showings. Forget about paying commissions or hidden fees; you won’t even pay closing costs when you directly sell to a professional buyer at Mastiff Home Buyers . The professional buyers and their team at Mastiff Home Buyers live and work alongside you here in Kansas City and are passionate about improving our community and helping our neighbors find solutions to their home-selling problems. Angel and Jeramie at Mastiff Home Buyers understand life is complicated, which is why they keep the lines of communication open and won’t ignore your calls. You’ll notice the difference because the professional buyers at Mastiff Home Buyers stop everything and listen when you talk. Mastiff Home Buyers is unique, and we want to make a deal with you that you will feel good about long after you’ve left the closing table. Call Angel or Jeramie today to get your no obligation cash offer. Call Mastiff Home Buyers at (816) 535-0076 .

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