The Risk of Foreclosure In Kansas City For House Sellers

If you are at risk of foreclosure in Kansas City , you shouldn’t have a difficult time selling your home. The hard part may be finding another house to live in. The market is hot right now, so you may get lucky and even find an owner occupant buyer who is willing to make repairs needed.

You probably already know that there are a number of devastating consequences of foreclosure in Kansas City for house sellers. 

The Devastating Consequences Of Foreclosure In Kansas City  For House Sellers
Are you at risk of foreclosure in Kansas City ? Foreclosure can have a lot of negative effects on you, we are sure you already know that, but are you really at risk?

Local Kansas City House Buyers Have Been Desperate To Find Houses In The Last Few Months

There have been bidding wars with buyers and homes being sold well over asking price and market value. This is great for home sellers. This may be good news for you too if you are facing foreclosure. There is likely a large pool of owner occupant buyers who will purchase your home and relieve you of the burden of your current mortgage.

If you are a seller in this market, you may not be concerned with selling your house fast, because everything is selling fast. You may be more concerned with having resources to move somewhere else.

As the market stabilizes and buyers begin to ask for more inspections and negotiate price, you may have to come up with the money to improve your house. If you have made some improvements, but are still having a hard time selling your Kansas City house, don’t worry, the right buyer will come along in time. However, prepare yourself to negotiate on the price if you want to get it sold.

How Foreclosures Drive Local Housing Prices Down

When the housing market crashes and the foreclosures began to roll in, it floods the real estate market in Kansas City . That means that there is more inventory on the market. When that happens, that drives the price of everyone’s house down because there are more options (at lower prices) for buyers out there.

When there is more inventory than buyers, it devalues the homes for sale. We are not there yet in Kansas City . There is still a lack of inventory and it may take some time to turn that around. There are still lots of forbearances in the Kansas City area and the banks are still holding or delaying many pre-foreclosures.

Educate yourself about what is happening in the market and be careful not to expect the same market conditions that have been seen in the last year. There are some things that you can do to sell your house in this type of market.

Selling Your House In A High Foreclosure Market

If you’re wanting (or needing) to sell your house you’ve got a couple options you should look at.

  1. If you don’t need to sell your house fast and can wait the market out, you should reach out to an experienced real estate agent. It is important to emphasize that experience matters, especially if you are having difficulty paying your mortgage in full every month. If you don’t need to sell your house fast and you have enough equity to pay the real estate agent commissions, this may make the most sense for you. If you are still struggling to pay the mortgage and have family or friends who can help you out in the meantime or perhaps you can rent your basement or garage for a little extra cash to use towards paying the mortgage every month. The market is still good and if you can wait a few months for it to sell, it may mean a few extra bucks in your pocket on the sale at a higher value. A great real estate agent can help you list the house and market it for you. If you don’t have a good local agent, just reach out to us and we can connect you with some great real estate agents we know in town who have shown they can sell a house fast. Email us over here for a Kansas City area real estate agent referral.
  2. If you DO need to sell your house fast, look for quick sale options like selling your house to a cash home buyer in Kansas City, like us. Selling your house fast in a market like this can be difficult right now if you plan to list with a real estate agent and negotiate with buyers offers and requests. Additionally remember, the more you sell your house for, the more you must pay in real estate agent commissions, because they get a percentage. which takes more cash out of your pocket in the end. It may be worth considering the option to sell your house fast to a cash home buyer in Kansas City, like Mastiff Home Buyers . We buy houses in Kansas City  and can make you a cash offer within 48 hours. Our offers do not require you to add on other fees or commissions to know what you will get at closing. We do not list your house for sale, but our offer is to buy the house from you. We take care of any repairs needed after we buy it from you, then we either keep it as a rental property or we’ll turn around and invest our time, money, and expertise into selling the house to another home owner. This can be a win for you if you need to sell your house fast in Kansas City. Our service is one that offers you convenience and ease of selling without additional inspections, negotiations, fees, or commissions.
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