Deciding if You Should Rent or Sell Your House in Kansas City

Rent or Sell? How about do both? Ask us how!

Should you sell outright or keep your current house and convert it into a rental property? Whatever the driving force may be behind your needing to move on to a new home and leave this one behind, you should make your decision about whether to rent or sell your house in Kansas City, with an eye towards your financial future and planning for your retirement through passive income.

If you should find yourself asking this question, read on to learn about these five factors to consider when deciding if you should rent or sell your house in Kansas City.


If you are not dependent upon the equity in your existing home to purchase your next one, you don’t have to sell it right away. You could consider keeping the house as a rental property if you can make a profit on the house as a rental. The amount of money that you can earn after expenses monthly should be considered when deciding if you should rent or sell your house in Kansas City. You could access the equity through a home equity line of credit or HELOC to purchase your new home. If you should keep the existing property as a rental, you will also earn equity in the house, as appreciation will continue to increase the value. Another plus, when you do decide to sell, investors will find an income-producing property of particular interest, widening your buyer pool.

Market Trends

Current market trends must factor into deciding if you should rent or sell your house in Kansas City . If predictors indicate market values will rise, it may be worth holding as a rental for a few more years to gain the added equity. Ultimately, you will have to use your judgment on the best move to make given the Kansas City real estate market indicators. If rates are low and demand is high, it may be a wise move. If you don’t feel confident in your assessment, it is worthwhile to turn to a trusted family member or associate with experience with rentals. 

Capital Gains

If the property value has risen over the original cost or basis, your gain is known as the capital gain. Capital gains, taxed at a higher rate than earned income, are known as unearned income. If you’re buying a new home because of a job transfer and might be moving back Kansas City , it may benefit you to rent and save on your capital gains taxes, making this an essential factor to consider when deciding if you should rent or sell your house in Kansas City . If you’ve lived in the home for the past two years, typically, you can exclude up to $500,000 for married couples filing jointly. You should remain vigilant regarding current tax trends and upcoming proposed changes because you may need to recalculate your investment strategies.


You might not have the ability to sell because you owe more on the mortgage loan than your home is worth on the current market, which is critical to consider when deciding if you should rent or sell your house in Kansas City . While you will gain equity over time, you must also consider your risk tolerance until you can break even on the property should you decide to turn it into a rental property. In other words, you must also consider if your monthly cash flow and reserves could carry you through a severe drop in rental rates, serious repair expenses, or vacancies for the rental property over an extended period without causing financial ruin. If you’re unsure about what the market would bring for your property, compare the most like properties nearest yours which have sold recently, or you could hire an appraiser to provide a more accurate number. Talking your situation over with a professional investor, like those at Mastiff Home Buyers , may provide insight into your specific circumstances and help you decide the right move.

Passive Income

While your retirement isn’t at the forefront of your mind when considering selling your home, renting out properties as a long-term plan for passive income can build passive income. Homeowners can convert their primary residence into their first rental property, but this can come with some difficulties. Make sure you consider all of those before deciding. If you want the perfect tenant, you could lease your property to Mastiff Home Buyers and we will pay you monthly and sublease the property. This allows you to keep the passive income, while giving up the headaches of being a land lord.

Why try to figure everything out for yourself when deciding if you should rent or sell your house in Kansas City when Mastiff Home Buyers makes selling so easy. Mastiff Home Buyers buys houses for a fair price, as-is for cash, usually closing in a matter of days. Call Angel at (816) 535-0076 or send us a message.

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