5 Things Seniors Should Consider When Downsizing Your Home

Are you retired and considering downsizing? There are many advantages in owning a smaller property in your senior years. A smaller home will take less effort to clean and maintain and will cost you much less in maintenance, taxes/insurance, and utilities. Selling your home is a very big decision and likely comes with a lot of emotion. It is important that you understand all the expenses you are facing and what options you have available to you. Should you find yourself at this stage of life, read on to learn these 5 things seniors should consider when downsizing your home in Kansas City


How do you rate the value of convenience, particularly as you enter your golden years? As you start to contemplate the downsizing of your home in Kansas City , the concept of a “for sale by owner” listing can appear overwhelming in the era of digital technology and ongoing pandemic concerns. Pair this with the alternative of employing a real estate agent and surrendering a 6% commission, and neither scenario seems particularly appealing.

Both options lead to the uncomfortable prospect of unfamiliar individuals wandering through your personal space, examining your possessions – an unsettling thought in any circumstance, but especially so in the midst of a pandemic. Moreover, maintaining your home in a pristine, photogenic condition for potential buyers can become an onerous task, even more so when considering the physical limitations that can come with age. Not to mention, coordinating schedules for home viewings, dealing with paperwork, and understanding the legal nuances could be an additional source of stress. Convenience is not just about comfort; for older adults, it can be a crucial factor in preserving energy, health, and peace of mind during the home selling process.

Emotional and Physical Challenges of Home Downsizing in Kansas City

Downsizing your residence in Kansas City and subsequently cleaning out your house can prove to be a strenuous process both physically and emotionally, particularly if you’ve been living there for an extended period. A prime motivation behind your decision to sell may be the immense task of home maintenance, which when coupled with decluttering and packing, can leave you feeling weary. The notion that family members will be readily available and enthusiastic about assisting in this task may not be accurate, as this could potentially be a substantial inconvenience for them.

Should you find yourself unable to tackle this process alone, or if your family is unable to lend a hand, it becomes almost inevitable that you’ll need to engage the services of a professional. This could incur a significant expense, influenced by factors such as the size of your home and the volume of your possessions. This scenario could induce emotional discomfort as well, as every nook and cranny of your home is infused with joyous memories you are now parting with.

Expensive Repairs

Inspections and appraisals are an integral part of the traditional home selling process, leading many to spend thousands of dollars when they are ready to begin downsizing their homes in Kansas City . In order to pass inspections, it is entirely possible that you could end up facing overwhelming repair bills for an issue you were not even aware of previously.

Real estate professionals know that many buyers lack the imagination required to realize the potential you may feel your property possesses, with no ability to see past anything that is in a state of disrepair, simply worn or even outdated. The upgrades required to modernize and refresh a home can be anything from replacing aging cabinetry to installing new flooring in part or all of the property. You may need to replace woodwork or paint the interior and exterior of the home. All of these costs can add up very quickly and must be met prior to ever realizing a profit on the home. For that matter, it must be complete before ever listing the home for sale. As time passes, your bills only continue to rise as more and more of your potential profits slip away.

Another Option

Consider a direct sale to Mastiff Home Buyers , which can be a much better option for you!  We take the time to listen to your situation and understand your goals for downsizing your home now and the future. At Mastiff Home Buyers we are provide you with information so you can make an informed decision. We will provide you with options and give your our honest opinion of what might be the best for you, even if that is listing with an agent instead of selling to us. Should you choose to work with Mastiff Home Buyers you can just pack what you want to keep and move onto your new home, without any more showings to worry about. You can also save all the time and costs involved in a deep clean of your larger home when you sell directly. In many cases you can just leave behind any items you would rather not take along to your new residence. You can leave the monthly payments behind too. Working with Mastiff Home Buyers means eliminating most of the normal fees associated with traditional closings.

The price Mastiff Home Buyers offers is the price you get. You will also forego the fees normally associated with the required reports from appraisals and inspections in most cases. Especially on newer or more recently renovated properties. Send us a message or call Mastiff Home Buyers today at (816) 535-0076 to learn just how quickly we can help you start saving money!

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