Avoid Common Hassles When Selling Your House In Kansas City

Embarking on the journey of selling your property in Kansas City may feel like gearing up for a marathon, one strewn with unforeseen obstacles and potential financial burdens. But it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. With a little foresight and preparation, you can successfully circumvent the most common difficulties associated with selling a house in Kansas City . Let’s delve into how.

Get Your Own Inspection Prior To Listing

A significant stumbling block that sellers often grapple with is getting caught off-guard by a daunting list of requisite repairs that surface after the buyer’s inspection. This situation can be navigated by choosing to conduct your own pre-listing inspection, specifically with a highly qualified and reliable inspector. This professional’s eye can pinpoint potential issues, helping you to tackle them head-on rather than getting hit with unexpected repair demands down the line. After your own inspection, you can either rectify the issues or disclose them to prospective buyers, thereby maintaining a strong negotiating position when buyers propose repairs before finalizing the deal. The slight initial expense of a pre-listing inspection can turn out to be a significant advantage, saving you from unforeseen costs and negotiation challenges in the future.

Real Estate Agents Who Are Too Busy For You

Before finalizing a contract or listing agreement, it’s crucial to thoroughly examine the document and corroborate the agent’s references online to spot any potential issues. It’s important to remember that the quality of service can vary significantly between agents, so a clear understanding of the services your agent commits to provide is paramount. For instance, not all agents host open houses, so it’s a mistake to assume that it’s a given with every agreement.

Here are a few warning signs to keep an eye out for when gauging the competence of an agent:

  1. They fail to fulfill their promised obligations.
  2. They are unresponsive to your calls, or they don’t return your calls promptly.
  3. They lack communication about the proceedings of the selling process.
  4. They advised you to list your house at an unrealistically high price.

While it’s understandable that agents have multiple commitments, professionalism should never be compromised. Exceptional agents will always ensure you feel prioritized and valued as though you’re their only client. If your agent isn’t upholding their side of the agreement,

Waiting Around For A Buyer

Waiting to get that right offer can be very frustrating. You and your family may be living a bit in limbo while your house is listed on the MLS. Generally real estate agents will recommend that you put away personal belongings that you do not need, so the house is less cluttered and presentable to a buyer. In some cases, you could be living this way for months. What might be more of a hassle than waiting on a buyer, is having to pack up the kids and pets at a moment’s notice so the house can be shown.

Negotiating Repairs After The Buyer’s Inspection

The buyer’s agent will try to negotiate as much of the repair work as they can after the home inspection has been completed. You can be prepared for this by defining limits on what you will fix beforehand. Decide that you will only pay $5,000 toward repairs or that you will fix the roof and nothing else. Many sellers will be so desperate to sell, that by the time the inspection is done, they will fix anything just to sell it, ultimately costing thousands they had been expecting to put in the bank. You can avoid the property inspection altogether by selling your house as-is to Mastiff Home Buyers .

Avoid The Listing and Sell Direct

All of these headaches and hassles can be avoided when you sell your Kansas City house directly to Mastiff Home Buyers . We will make the selling process simple so you can avoid the waiting, costs and hassles of a traditional listing. If your property need work, if you need to sell within a specific timeframe, or if you own a distressed house, we are here to help you! Selling your Kansas City house can be easy, no matter what condition it is in!

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