4 Questions to Ask Local Home Buyers When Selling Your House in Kansas City

Selling your house in Kansas City?

Motivations for selling your house are often very personal and vary from seller to seller. How you sell your home and to whom does impact your bottom line and the time it takes to close the transaction. Selling your house directly to a local cash home buyer is one of many choices sellers have in today’s real estate landscape.

The power of cash allows for speedy transactions, bypassing the slower red-tape-filled traditional route with lenders or jumping over the hurdles of underwriters and inspections or buyers with financing that falls through. How do you sort out the best option for you?

The best place to start is by asking the right questions of the local home buyers you speak with to ensure you get the best offer. So read on as we explore four questions to ask your buyer when selling your house directly in Kansas City .

Are You A Middleman?

It’s vital to understand who you’re making a deal with, so one of the questions to ask local home buyers when selling your house in Kansas City is if they are a middleman or if they are the person or company who will actually buy your house. If they are a middleman and plan to hand off the property to another buyer, ask them for proof of funds. If they cannot produce proof of funds from which they could purchase your house from you if there are no other buyers, then do not sign any kind of agreement. If they are a representative for a company or an end buyer, ask for clarification on how their process works and ask to speak to the buyer directly. 

What Are My Costs?

When you’re adding up the numbers, you must understand the expenses you’re facing to truly understand how much you’ll profit from selling your house. Which leads to another critical question to ask your local home buyer when selling your house directly in Kansas City , how much cash will come out-of-pocket before the sale, and what will I pay for at closing? Are other professional fees, broker fees, or commissions associated with the transaction? Remember that one of the advantages of selling to a local home buyer, is no up-front costs. The offer that is made by the home buyer is typically what you will get at closing.

Do You Share Customer Reviews?

When selling your house directly in Kansas City , one of the questions to ask your local home buyer is if they share customer reviews so you can gauge what other sellers have to say. A reputable home buyer will have their reviews available and displayed. You may also want to research online to find further evidence of positive online reviews.

How Does the Closing Process Work?

The most important question to ask a local home buyer when selling your house in Kansas City is when you can close and how the process works. Angel and Jeramie at Mastiff Home Buyers , may not always be the end buyers, but they will be with you all the way to the closing table to ensure that the transaction closes as promised. They do no measure success on how many houses they buy, but on how many people they help.

A local home buyer in Kansas City will always provide you with a guaranteed closing date in the written purchase and sale agreement. This date should be flexible and the best date to fit your schedule for closing. Professional cash home buyers like those at Mastiff Home Buyers work with you every step of the way so that you fully understand the process. The entire transaction is completed at no cost to you.

Angel and Jeramie at Mastiff Home Buyers have all the right answers to your questions when selling your house directly in Kansas City . They may act as a middleman, but you can be assured that they don’t make offers that they cannot follow through on in the end. They don’t believe you should pay for anything before the sale, so you don’t have to worry about financing anything. At Mastiff Home Buyers , our local home buyers provide full transparency of the numbers used in our calculations so you understand the offer. With a direct sale to Mastiff Home Buyers , there are no commissions or hidden fees to come off the top. The amount of your offer from us is the amount of cash they will hand you at the closing table. Angel and Jeramie at Mastiff Home Buyers are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you have about selling your house directly with no obligation. Call Mastiff Home Buyers at (816) 535-0076 .

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