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We Are Not The Bad We Buy Houses People

Mastiff Home Buyers is Better Business Bureau accredited and we care about people and the local community.

Our purpose is to provide home buyers and sellers with options to solve their real estate difficulties

We Are Not The Bad We Buy Houses People

You may have heard in the news about a local Kansas City companies, who have been accused of taking advantage of people who want to own a home. Those folks make our industry look bad, they also cause a lot of distrust for companies like mine. We are not the bad we buy houses people.

My name is Angel and I am the CEO of Mastiff Home Buyers, and I can assure you that we are not like those other guys.

  • We are not here to take advantage of anyone. We are here to help you.
  • We are here to serve you.
  • We exist because of you.

Yes, we are a business and we are here to make money along the way, and without the ability to make a profit, our company can’t exist. However, we will not make money by taking advantage of people. We ensure that each person understands our offers, the paperwork, and exactly what they are agreeing to.

We work with you to understand your situation and why you’re in the situation that is causing you distress. We then work to offer you the best solution for your needs. The best solution for you isn’t that we buy your property and we will tell you that. We will be open and honest and provide you with information so that you can make an informed choice about whether you want to work with us or not. Sometimes, in order for us to offer the price that you want on your home, we can do that using some creative ways or tools in real estate, such as contracts for deed or lease to own. Whether we’re buying the property from you or selling the property to you using either one of these real estate contract, we make sure that payments are handled through a third-party neutral company to make sure that payments are made where they need to be made and no one is at risk of losing.

If you aren’t sure, I ask that you give us an opportunity, get to know us, and bring your attorney along or anybody else who you trust to help you make an informed decision. I’m happy to meet with people in person at your place of choice and share any information and answer any questions that you have about me or the company or the process by which we’re buying or selling your house.

Check out our reviews on google and find out more about us here . Angel is available anytime to come meet with you in person or on a video call so that you can actually see who you are dealing with. Give us a call today at 816-535-0076 and let’s set up a time to connect.

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