Benefits of selling to Mastiff Home Buyers

Are there benefits to working with a Kansas City home buyer like Mastiff Home Buyers? There are a few reasons why selling to Mastiff Home Buyers is a good option for you.

Benefits to selling to Mastiff Home Buyers

We are home buyers so that means we buy houses in the Kansas City Metro area, in any condition. We will not charge you any fees or commissions, unlike when you sell with a real estate agent. You are not paying us because we’re buying your house, we’re not trying to sell it for you.

There are a couple of reasons why you should consider working with a home buyer like Mastiff Home Buyers. The number one reason in my estimation is that if you’re in the Kansas City Metro area, we are local. We live in Belton and this is our home, this is our community, and we want to help people in our community.

Talk To US

If you consider selling to Mastiff Home Buyers, we will come and visit you, so you can get to know us, see us in person, find out what kind of people we are before you sell your house to us. There is a great benefit to that, to having a local person that you’re working with versus somebody who is out of state, contacting you to purchase your house. These calls are made by somebody who you will never meet, often an employee of some company that doesn’t really care about you or your house. We do care, we care deeply for homeowners and want to give you the best option to buy your house.

We Buy Houses For Cash

We do buy houses with cash, but we also have other options available if you are interested in considering some terms offers. You can ask for more information about that. Generally we try to match our offer with what works best for you. Obviously we are a business and our business is how we pay our bills, so we have to make some money in the end. We still want to be fair, so we do bring fair offers to you.

We will negotiate our offers and discuss those with you, because our expectation is for us to come to a win-win situation because that is definitely our goal. We want you to win and for you to be happy and for us to have a good investment as well.

More Benefits

One other benefit to working with a professional home buyer, is you don’t have to show your house to potential buyers. We know this feeling from trying to sell our own home at one point in time. The thought of having to keep the house clean was excruciatingly painful. We had kids in the house and just thinking about keeping the house clean so that people could come and look at it was terrible thought and we also didn’t like the thought of people walking through our house.

Now it’s 2021 and we’re starting to get on the other side of COVID hopefully, but you still may not really want strangers walking through your house if you feel there still might be some risk. Hopefully by the time we come and visit you, we won’t be a total stranger, but having one person or two people come walking through your house during this time versus any number of people walking through. Many of you may be working from home as well and when you work from home, it’s hard to just pack up and go out to a coffee shop or go out wherever with the kids while somebody shows your house.

We can generally do a fast closing. In this market appraisals will take a little bit longer, but we do not always need those. We will try to make the closing go as fast as you want or as slow as you want. If you are not ready to sell right now, but you know in a few months you’re going to need to, we can put the house under contract and wait. We can wait until it’s convenient for you and we will close when you want to close. So, if you’ve been thinking about selling your house, I suggest that you give us a shout at Mastiff Home Buyers. Check us out on the web at and reach out to me if you have any questions.

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